Gain control of your Firebase usage costs

Firemon is simple to use and will potentially save your a$$ when you need it the most.

Custom Alerts

Set custom notifications of spend thresholds so you’re never surprised

Spending Trends

Cost Visibility

See where your costs are going so you can plan ahead

Gain an accurate view of your firebase spend so you can take control of your costs

We Know Your

We are Google Firebase customers and, like many people, we’re concerned about our current and potential usage costs. You made have heard stories about customers see costs increase 7,000% over the course of a month. Scary stuff!

We built Firemon to gain control of our Firebase costs. With Firemon, you have a dashboard with a clear view of past, current, and trending Firebase usage costs. Also, you can set up custom alerts to be notified when certain thresholds are reached, such as the current month is trending above your limit. Choose email, SMS, or Slack.


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